Magneti Marelli TV (2013)
For international brand Magneti Marelli design the new logo of MM corporate television
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
UX Design Thinking
Ux design thinking process
MAISTA' FOOD (2015-17)
(re) Branding for international brand (Italian food excellense delivery)
Creative Direction, Branding, Motion Graphics
My Personal Television (2012)
Concept, Naming and Brand identity, Web, Video, Event, for the 1st real "All in one TV LED 3d"
Branding, Character Design, Web Design
Gazosa Noè (2016)
For the oldest Gazzosa on Canton Ticino amazing project in co-branding with Bruno Vanzan for Gazosa noè's brand. Swiss Tour with engagement marketing.
Advertising, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Engagement Mktg
MMTV - history (2013)
Concept and Creative direction for the pilot of the MMTV's format History
Animation, Creative Direction, Storyboarding
Immersive tour with interactive hot spots. Social media integration and Geomarketing for oldest Barber shop in Lugano now innovative concept store.
Art Direction, Web Design, Storyboarding, immersive tour
Concept & idea to make a web site with film tecnique, Script, Direction, Creative Direction
Creative Direction, Motion Graphics, Web Design
Re-Branding for this special hotel placed in a special place..
Art Direction, Branding, Web Design
FRECCE Tricolori 50° (2013)
Creative Direction for Video relative the event in Roma (porta di roma) of the Frecce Tricolori in occasion of the own 50th anniversary.
Creative Direction, Storyboarding
Enjoy Mall (2013)
This is a official flight simulator of Frecce Tricolori, in this emotional video is presented this product.
Advertising, Creative Direction, Storyboarding
Full Branding for Integra Technologies
Branding, Creative Direction, Web Design
BTICINO (2005)
Multimedia Project - Simulation for configure a 'Domotic House'
Animation, Creative Direction, Programming
CANDY GROUP 60° (2005)
For the 60th Candy Group anniversary we created a interactive 'time machine' desktop APP. For 'jumping in the time' the user can turn the knobs of washing machines...
Animation, Branding, Computer Animation
Grandi Centri (2013)
Grandi Centri is leader of 'temporary branding' location of advertising, in this case a promotion of Kraft Sottilette
Advertising, Creative Direction, Motion Graphics
Rigo compressor (2007)
Launch of new products of Rigo brand, idea and creative direction
Creative Direction, Motion Graphics, Storyboarding
This project show the Impregilo's balance with a desktop application, the pdf are integrated in this project and tools without the need of reader application.
Advertising, Creative Direction
Vds24 - (2014)
Web site and E-commerce platform for this brand. The project include the training course to the web manager
Art Direction, UI/UX, Web Design
Areonautic traning. The users can learn and test their preparation directly on website and/or mobile APP. The manager can add courses and monitoring the stats
Art Direction, UI/UX, Web Design
3D Hair Trend (2007)
For a new brand of hair stylist the brand identity creation and POP layout internal and external
Advertising, Creative Direction, Product Design
Total branding: Director, Shooting, Editing of the industrial video, products shooting, logo restyle, web design and social media integration
Creative Direction, Motion Graphics, Web Design
Show Reel (2007-12)
Showreel of created projects between on 2011-2012
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Web Design (2013) is a web site of talented jewels hand made artist ILSE. The shop proposed a lot of gorgeous and unique jewels.
Web Design, Web Development
MATTEO'S Winery (2013)
Matteo's winery shop would be a different wine shop. With the advices of Matteo (italian sommeliers) you can buy a particular wine's type in associate with food...
Engineering, Web Design, Web Development
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